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Level up Futbol was conceived by Edgar Raymond, Manuel Rico, Victor Carranza & Tyrone Nunez. Together we have come up with a fresh concept where Level Up Futbol will be the revolutionize soccer in the area by bringing innovative soccer related concepts. The big bend area is hungry for more soccer and we are here to provide that.

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Edgar Raymond
Managing Partner

Mr. Edgar Raymond was born in Colombia and grew up in South Florida. He attended FSU for Computer Science but decided to stay in Tallahassee to help the soccer community grow.  He wanted to make a contribution to the local soccer culture. He grew up playing academy and high school soccer. Mr Raymond has also been an FYSA certified referee and a youth soccer coach as well. As a managing partner he oversees business development and marketing

Manuel RICO
Managing Partner

Mr. Manuel Rico is the head coach for the men's varsity Florida High soccer team. In the last 8 seasons he has had district and regional championships under his belt. His love for the game is like no other.  Coach Rico was also an academy coach and has 12 coaching certifications at the state and national level and is the perfect person to be the head for our Level Up Academy and our various soccer programs.

Managing Partner

Mr. Tyrone Nunez was born in Venezuela. An avid soccer player he played semi-pro soccer in his native country, and also at the collegiate level with Bakersfield College in California. He is attending Florida State University for Business Administration and Sports Marketing. He hopes to bring the Latin soccer culture to Tallahassee, and as a managing partner he will also handle operations management and marketing. 

Managing Partner

Mr. Carranza, a seasoned restaurateur, has over 12 years of business experience in the Florida Panhandle. He started out with helping with the expansion of his family’s 8 restaurants and has also ventured into opening a local staple which is Cancun’s Sports Bar & Grill.  Community involvement is important to him and because of his Mexican heritage, he is a huge soccer fan. As a managing partner oversees the food and beverage aspect as well as daily operations.







Level Up Futbol  is a fresh soccer concept we are bringing to Tallahassee and the big bend area.


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